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Konstantin Youdenko

AI Integration Consultant | AI Training Specialist

As an experienced IT professional with a focus on AI consulting, I excel in guiding businesses and professionals through the complex journey of AI adoption.

My robust foundation in computer science, UX/UI, and IT innovation, coupled with a people-oriented perspective, equips me with a unique blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

For Companies

Tailored AI Trainings

I offer training sessions specifically tailored to your team’s needs, ensuring they gain understanding of AI tools relevant to your business. I ensure your employees gain confidence in applying AI to their daily tasks, while also being aware of the ethical implications.

Through recurring training sessions, your team will stay updated on AI advancements, effectively managing the influx of new tools without feeling overwhelmed.

Hands-on AI Assistance

I guide your team through the practical application of AI tools that can enhance their efficiency and productivity in real-time. This direct support ensures that your team can confidently navigate the complexities of AI, troubleshoot issues, and effectively integrate AI into their daily operations.

It’s a personalized approach that accelerates learning and fosters a culture of AI proficiency within your organization.

AI Strategy Consulting

I work closely with your leadership and legal teams to pinpoint key areas where AI can amplify value. Together, we navigate the legal and ethical landscape, ensuring your AI adoption is compliant and responsible. I deliver actionable insights to leverage AI for operational efficiency, customer experience enhancement, and strategic growth.

This service is designed to ensure your business is well-positioned to harness the full potential of AI.

For Professionals

Selection of AI Tools

I offer personalized consultations to understand your role, responsibilities, and daily tasks. Based on this understanding, I recommend AI tools that can enhance your productivity and efficiency. I ensure that you gain confidence in using these tools effectively, while also understanding their ethical implications.

This service is designed to help you navigate the vast landscape of AI tools and select the ones that best fit your professional needs.

Training on AI Proficiency

Through recurring training sessions, I ensure you stay updated on the latest AI advancements relevant to your role. These sessions are designed to help you manage the influx of new AI tools without feeling overwhelmed. I provide you with the knowledge and skills to leverage these advancements in your daily tasks.

This service is designed to keep your AI proficiency at the cutting edge, empowering you to stay ahead in your professional journey.

AI Concierge Subscription

This monthly subscription service provides you with a set number of hours of dedicated AI support each month. Whether you have AI-related tasks that need tackling or questions that need answering, I’m here to help. Unused hours roll over to the next month, ensuring you get full value.

This service is like having a personal AI expert on call, ready to help you navigate the AI landscape with confidence and ease.

Let AI handle the waterfall of daily tasks, while you shine professionally

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